Alexandra Sirowy - My Favourite Female Friendship

So on an awesome blog! There's this epic giveaway as part of their blog tour.
The author of The Creeping (which I haven't yet read, but sounds fantastic!) Alexandra Sirowy asked who our favourite female friendships are in YA.
So here's my favourite...

Tris and Christina from Victoria Roth's 'Divergent', or as my Tris and I have dubbed them "Team Tristina". 
They go through A LOT together, and if their friendship can survive all the things that happened to the two of them, I don't think anything could've destroyed that, EVER!

The main reason I love this friendship is because, they were BADASS! Who doesn't want a friend that will stand at your side while you fight against corruption and evil?! I do!
Anyways, that's my favourite power-friendship.

If you'd like to enter too, go to and do the thing!
Otherwise, follow their blog, it's awesome. And let me know in the comments who your favourite female friends are!


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