Let The Prank War Begin

So for a recent short film I had to deck out my locker with a prank arsenal. Today my Hufflepuff bestie and I were joking around and she said she wanted to be more Slytherin (like me). So along with the Ravenclaw bestie we headed to my locker. I proudly opened it up and told her to pick her weapon.

She had plenty to choose from: balloons, party poppers, glitter, Vaseline, tape, shaving cream...
While she was perusing her options, good old Ravenclaw had found the glitter. I didn't notice this of course! Eventually the Hufflepuff chose the Vaseline, so I told her we could go put it on people's locks on their lockers so that they couldn't get the combination to spin. 
As we were walking along to find our victim, the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw started laughing at me. After a while, and I trip to the bathroom I realised that the sweet, innocent Ravenclaw had poured glitter all over me, and my BLACK HAIR!

After this I took my Hufflepuff and we went to do some planning. I came up with an idea and I told my Hufflepuff that if she helped it could be her initiation and I would upgrade her to a "Slytherpuff" (not quite Slytherin, but getting closer to being a part of my majestic house.)

So my plan was to hit the Ravenclaw were it would hurt her the most: her education. 
We waited patiently till our opportunity  arose and the Hufflepuff guarded the door whilst I slathered the Ravenclaw's best pen in Vaseline. 
Since I didn't have any classes with the Ravenclaw for the rest of the day I have to wait till all our classes were over. After stewing for almost two hours I finally found out that she didn't notice until her class was about to start a practise exam. 

So I would say, all in all, excellent revenge. I am eagerly awaiting her retaliation however. I will keep you posted. 


  1. I heard this story from the Ravenclaw...hehe, MISCHIEF MANAGED. (Also Slytherin FTW, I say, since I'm a fellow slytherin :-)

    1. SLYTHERIN'S UNITE! Yes, I'm a little worried about her retaliation, considering a lot of people (that know what it is!) are excited about it. I will keep you posted as soon as The Ravenclaw makes her next move :I *Hides behind passerby, holding party poppers at the ready*

  2. Replies
    1. Oh dear... I'm a little scared for my safety!




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