The Phoenix Files [Book Tuesday]

I did miss a week, I have exams at the moment and I be VERY stressed! But nonetheless I'm going to tell you ALL about the awesomeness that is The Phoenix Files!

So it's a series of 6 EPIC books by the super awesome author Chris Morphew, Arrival, Contact, Mutation, Underground, Fallout, Doomsday.

From the titles and covers alone, you can kind of tell that they are sci-fi. Which instantly makes them my kind of book.
Since it's a series, it's a little hard to talk about without spoilers, but I'll try my best.
So the main character, Luke Hunter, and his mum move to a town completely surrounded by walls, in AUSTRALIA! Definite plus! Luke starts to realise that everyday things are a little suspicious; things like having the phone and internet lines down, and "under repair" for a very long time.
The first book has a countdown of 100 days till 'it' happens.

The town of Phoenix has been created by Noah Shackleton, as a disconnected little community that is completely self sufficient, and everyone living there has a purpose. That is why Luke gets the honour of moving there himself, his mum gets a job offer making them the last new people to arrive into phoenix, and the 100 day countdown to it begins.

The three main characters; Luke, his newfound friend Peter, and Jordan the girl that Peter makes no secret of his feelings for, have to try and work out what the hell is going on. Oh and did I mention? People start to 'mutate' and get different powers. Powers. POWERS! As if it couldn't get any cooler then the characters get POWERS! Definitely sci-fi and definitely AWESOME!

So what did I think of it? Well, if you couldn't tell already, I LOVED THEM! This whole series was amazing and full of the worlds BEST plot twists, it never became predictable, except the Luke, Peter, Jordan love triangle (but I'll come back to that). You'd start to get a suspicious and think you know what's going to happen, then BAM plot twistiness! Chris Morphew has the best ability, to NEVER LET YOU KNOW WHATS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!

But back to the cliché love triangle. Peter's liked Jordan since forever but Jordan thinks he's her best mate. Then Luke shows up, and he starts getting really close to Jordan. The Peter gets all jealous and stuff, and blah di blah... You know the drill. Despite the fact that it was 100% cliché, all the rest of the epicness kind of lets you ignore that. But I actually really like the progression of the characters and their abilities.

I loved them! You will too, I promise :) I'll give you cake if you don't like them because you are clearly a sad individual, and cake makes everything better!

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  1. Ahh love triangles. I just . . . I can't see past them. I think I'm allergic to them or something BUT I'm glad you were able to see all the other goodness. And, honestly, I adore a good sci-fi!

    1. The reason the love triangle was overlookable was the epicness of the sci-fi twist in it. If your as big a sci-fi nerd as me you'll LOVE these!

  2. Did you say Australia? CONSIDER ME SOLD. (How have I never even heard of these?!?!) I love sci-fi and action and adventure and I totally think there aren't enough Aussie based fiction. 'Scuse me but I must dash to the library. *runs off madly*

    1. I agree! I read so many American books that my brain questions me driving on the left side of the road, and spelling it "mum". Mime seems to think we have similar taste; besides, these are how I found out about the Gone books.




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