Wanted On Voyage, by George Ezra [Music Thursday]

MUSIC! Yay! Okay, I've decided that Tuesdays = Books, Thursdays = Music.

So the album I'm going to shove all the goodness from into your face today is George Ezra's debut album, Wanted On Voyage. Absolutely one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and not just because he's Brittish and HOT, but he has one of the most amazing and unique voices I've heard in years!
The album consists of 12 awesome songs (15 on the deluxe album), with some really hilarious lyrics. The funniest, in my opinion, would be "Drawing Board" it's about a cheating ex-girlfriend and George's malicious, yet fantastic, revenge plans...
Listen to it if you have time. It's 100% worth it! definitely take notes for future reference too :) (I have a funny story about revenge too. I'll do a post on it later for you to check out!)
And if you are a bit of a Middle Earth fan then his music video for "Listen to the man" will ensure that you never look at Gandalf the same way again!
Hee hee, that disappointment pout though.
Another interesting thing about George is the Scar above his right eye. The way he got it is 70% dedication, 30% "Dude! What the hell!".

At the time he was studying music at Bristol, and he ran into a wall. Who knows! Maybe it jumped out at him or something?! Anyways, Marky Ramone, the drummer, was visiting to do a lecture, and George wasn't going to miss it! So he "sat in the lecture with my head open". By the time the lecture was over and he made it to the hospital, there wasn't anything that doctors could do.
 Oh, George!

So George Ezra is certainly an AWESOME artist, and you should definitely go get your mitts on his album!
Or just listen to it! That's good enough for me :D
Happy Thursday Guys!
Enjoy your new favourite album!


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