The Prank War Continues...

So I recently posted about the beginning of a prank war between my best friend, 'The Ravenclaw', and I. And she has retaliated since the Vaseline pen. And this time her little Ravenclaw mind worked out a way to get the glitter to stick better this time.

I walked into my first class of the day and she was acting sort of suspiciously. But she was studying and she has some STRANGE study habits, so I ignored it.

Seriously though, she spent all of lunch one day pacing around the edge of the basketball courts, talking to herself. But, HEY! Genius has to have it's quirks, right? So we just continued the lesson, me being blissfully unaware, then BAM! Damn little genius mixed VASEINE AND GLTTER AND SMEARED IT ON MY FACE!!

And nothing could get rid of it! NOTHING! It just spread more and more. By the end of the day over 2000 people (slight exaggeration) had commented on my glittering countenance.

But after a brainstorm, a friend and I have found the perfect revenge. All she knows is what I've told her; "sweet revenge", a "sticky situation".

Once it has been done I will share all of my evil plans with you, until then...


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